By, Katie Bushell of Havenwood Wedding Rentals and Designs These Copper piping air plant holders would be a classy touch to a wedding centerpiece or hang a bunch together to have a airy whimsical feel. Would even be gorgeous hanging from your backdrop at your ceremony.


What you will need:

4 copper piping from the plumbing department at lowes or home depot these are the smallest size about 7/8 pipe cutter (make sure you get the small one that is for the small pipes) copper wire I got at michaels in the jewelry department scissors air plants


Use the pipe cutter to cut down all your pieces. you put your pipe in and twist it around to score it. then do it tighter and keep spinning til you get a good cut. take it off and gently bend til it breaks. I did two different sizes the large one I did 8 four inch pieces and 4 six inch pieces. the small one I cut 12 3 inch pieces. this should be exactly enough for the two holders


Cut a very long piece of copper wire and thread three of the tubes through pushing all the way to the end leaving about a 3 inch tail. form a triangle and then thread through again so its secure. thread two more tubes and them create another triangle and thread through the middle tube. to tie the top wrap around a few times and even do a knot and then tread the tail back into one of the tubes. on the other side thread two more tubes and create another triangle and thread through one of the other pieces. then thread one tube and you should then form a pyramid shape. add two more tubes and pull through to make another triangle, then two more tubes and form another triangle. you should have the one tube left and you are done to tie off the end. wrap around a few times and then tie a knot and tread through a tube.


if at any time you run out of the wire then make sure you have enough to tie off and then get a new piece of wire and start again.

add your air plant and string if you want to hang and then you are done!


you can play around with different lengths and make fun geometric shapes. this will make your wedding look very expensive and luxurious.

if you are on a budget another way to do this would be with some metallic straws.


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