What to DIY for Your Wedding

It’s no secret that a wedding is an expensive undertaking. But, there’s no reason to panic when you’re willing to take the DIY route. Here are four possibilities to consider.

Invitations & Thank-You Notes

Thank-you notes and invitations are two of the best things to handle on your own when it comes to wedding prep. Handmade invitations and handwritten thank-yous are much more thoughtful and memorable than premade templates.

If you can’t decide on an image or theme to use, you can’t go wrong with a great picture of you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Welcome Bags

A welcome bag packed with goodies is a great way to get your guests excited before the event even starts. A few things you can create yourself for the bags are snacks, souvenirs and a homemade welcome letter.

Another practical addition to your gift bag is an accident kit. Make sure to include band-aids, aspirin and a stain removing pen. This way, guests can continue to enjoy the wedding even if an accident or mishap occurs.

Table Centerpieces

When you put together the table centerpieces for your reception it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your creative talents in a way that all of your guests will enjoy. Just about anything can be transformed into a centerpiece, simply by using a bit of imagination. For example, an inexpensive string of lights and a wine bottle becomes a festive and illuminating centerpiece with minimal effort.

Seating Arrangements

Deciding who sits where may seem like a daunting task before you get started. But, if you take the time to sort the arrangements out yourself, you won’t need to delegate the job to someone else. It’s easiest to use a whiteboard or index cards, rather than writing out your seating plans on paper. It avoids the need to erase over and over as you make changes.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to DIY wedding options. Remember, the more you challenge yourself to complete, the more money you’ll save!

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