Thank you for a great year!

By, Alicia Hensley

What an AMAZING first year has had! Not only did we launch our website, we have grown like crazy, collaborated with other people, and have been able to bring new people to the team! I've learned a ton through the growing process, and continue to learn. 


Wow! So much great content coming from local people! We've had inspiration, real weddings, DIY, and important information that will help you with planning your wedding. We seriously have some talented people in Utah, and they've shown it! I'm excited to see what both Brides and Vendors submit for next year (if you want to show off your talent or your wedding to the ATWU community, you can submit a blog post HERE). collaboration. 

Earlier this year, ATWU and started working on a collaboration to bring you more resources for both Brides and Vendors to make your life easier! Right now, we have a spot for Artisans to set up shop and post their wedding-related handmade goods. This is awesome because now Brides (and Vendors) have a place to look for locals that sell handmade goods that are wedding specific. It's also awesome for Artisans because your work will be seen by Brides (and Vendors), not only in Utah but all of North America as well!
You can check it out HERE AND it's FREE to list your business from January 1st - February 14th!

We've also been hard at work with a new website for wedding rentals! Here, Brides will be able to post and rent the items they used for their wedding to other Brides that are on a budget! You can decide to rent locally, or to someone in North America! Remember how much you spent on your wedding? Now you can make some of that money back! We'll make the official announcement on this soon, so keep an eye out!

All Things Wedding Utah

Ok, this is crazy to me. Since February of this year, we've gained over 4,000 members to our local facebook group! This is a place for you to buy and sell the items you used for your wedding to local Utahns. There is very limited vendor advertising, so you don't have to sift through a thousand vendors if you already have yours booked! If you're not a member, you can ask to join HERE


Instagram is another crazy feat for us. We just opened our account this year, and already have over 900 followers! Shout out to Misty for being so awesome with keeping up with that! If you want to see what we're up to on Instagram, you can follow us HERE. Misty has also been working on our Facebook Page. She posts some really great wedding articles that you can check out. 

Vendors List

For Brides this is such an awesome resource. All of the vendors listed are up to date and are ready to help you! Many of the listed vendors have a contact form on their listing that goes directly to their email, so you can just send them a quick message and they'll get back to you as soon as they can AND several vendors have reviews at the bottom of their page so you can see what other Brides have to say about their work! Another awesome thing about this list is there is pricing listed so you can get an idea of who will fit into your budget before you call or message them! We add vendors regularly, so keep checking back if you don't see what you're looking for!

For Vendors, more than anything else, this is the #1 thing that is seen on the website. We also have people working around the clock to help promote you and your business! If you're on the fence about being added to the vendor list, or you just want more information, feel free to check out more information HERE. You can also email if you have any questions. 


I am so proud of the ATWU Team this year and what we have accomplished.

Robmary put together a BEAUTIFUL website. She also happens to be a very talented photographer and one of our vendors. Most of the photos you see on the website are done by about talent, right?!

Misty handles most of the Social Media and manages the blog. I have no idea how she does it, but she works like crazy! She is seriously on top of things better than I am, which is why she is such an awesome asset to ATWU. 

Deborah is the newest member to the ATWU team. She has been working hard on getting the word out to vendors about how awesome All Things Wedding Utah is. If you have questions about being added as a vendor, she is the person to talk to. You can email her at with any questions. 


Next year is going to be another extraordinary year for All Things Wedding Utah. We'll have more giveaways, more vendors, more DIY's, a rentals website, and maybe some more crazy ideas will come out of it to make ATWU even better.

Lastly, but certainly, not least, I want to say, THANK YOU to EVERYONE that has supported All Things Wedding Utah! We will continue to grow and create this amazing resource for you! 


Misty Eilar

Married Mom of two little girls. I love to write about weddings, share ways to make it more you and help you find the best Vendors!