Pipe Dreams Copper

Copper is a very popular metal right now and it can easily be done in the summer with some fresh succulents and then into the fall with some gorgeous dark fall florals.

To make yourself a copper arch or backdrop you will get three copper pipes, two L shape connectors and two T shape connectors and four copper caps, and a pipe cutter. We chose to do a 1" pipe because copper is a very rare metal and it can get expensive. Make sure your fittings are the same size as the pipe you get. 


Follow the instructions on the pipe cutter to show you how to cut, you are basically going to score the outside and keep twisting over and over til it can be bent and cut off. Cut two pipes to 7 feet and one to 6 feet and this will make your square. Use your L fittings on each side.

Then cut four pieces about 2 feet each and then attach them to your T shape fitting and attach it to your big square Then add your caps to the end. And there you have a arch ready for draping pretty greenery or chiffon curtains.

Copper can get expensive so if you don't want to DIY and want to just rent for half the price you can find this for rent at Havenwood Wedding Rental & Design.

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