Love Your Grandparents to the Fullest on Your Wedding Day

If you are anything like me, then you love your grandparents. I lived next to or down the road from one of mine most of my life. I even lived with them in between college. My dad’s dad walked me down the aisle as he supported me through a lot of tough times and even moved me to college my 2nd year after I stayed with him that summer.

Making your grandparents a special part of your big day can be amazing, sweet and sometimes silly. Have fun with it and make them as happy as you are. My grandpa passed away 2 years before I got married and I wish he could have seen it and given my husband a hard time. He never got to meet my husband as he passed away my first year of college. My grandma got to see me get married, have my first daughter and sadly did not get to meet my second, but she was a huge part of our lives. My dad’s mom passed away when I was roughly a teenager and didn’t get to see me grow up, but probably dressed me as dorthy many times over. (she lived at the end of the road with the wizard of oz museum).

These photos below tug at the heart and hopefully give you ideas.

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