5 Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Rings Within Budget

By My Trio Rings

Wedding ring shopping isn't as daunting as it's made out to be! Yes, there is a bit of planning that goes into making this important purchase, especially knowing where to propose, but with a few expert tips, you'll be able to make an educated decision knowing you checked off everything on your wish list, asked all the right questions and followed these 5 simple tips for finding your wedding rings!

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1) Set a Budget:

This will allow you, or the retailer, to balance your specifications for the rings, including diamond shape, diamond carat weight, gold color, ring style, etc. Shopping online allows you to explore different budgets and avoids the awkwardness of justifying your exact budget to a sales associate.

2) Request a Free Ring Sizer

By knowing you and your partner's ring sizes ahead of time, this will reduce the possibility of ordering the incorrect ring size, and the need for a resizing. You can actually measure your ring size from the comfort of your home with a free ring sizer from My Trio Rings.

3) Read Reviews:

By reading reviews of the rings from modern couples, you will familiarize yourself with the quality and experience you will receive from the company you want to purchase from.

4) Review Store Policies:

It is essential to understand the store policies to ensure that after you purchase the product, you're able to communicate effectively with the company and receive the best post-purchase care. Particularly, during the holiday season, stores will alter their exchange policy, shipping speed, and services available.

5) Check for Affordable Payment Plans, or Split Payment Options:

Most online retailers offer the lowest price possible, so there's no in-person negotiating. However, using promotional codes, layaway payment plans, financing options, and split-payment arrangements, your purchase becomes more manageable, and allows you to stay within your budget. By taking the discomfort of haggling with a jeweler, e-retailers are creating a stress-free and judgement-free online shopping experience. The ability to split the payment among 2 or, more individuals, gives family members the opportunity to contribute to the gift of our wedding rings while allowing the couple to manage the purchase they wish.

Now that you are ready to shop, always remember that the rings are a symbol of your love. When you find the right rings, you'll just know!

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