By:  Misty Eilar

I got the wonderful chance to try a serum from Asterwood Naturals. They sent me the Matrixyl 3000 + Argireline + Vitamin C Serum.   

Some of the benefits it lists on their site are:

• Increases Collagen Production
• Creates Smoother, Tighter Skin
• Decreases Appearance of Sun Spots
• Prevents Further Breakdown of Collagen
• Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
• Enhances Skin Elasticity
• Evens Skin Tone
• Improves Skin Texture
• Deeply Moisturizes to Hydrate Dry, Dull Skin

So I tried it out! I washed my face with a cleanser and cold water, patted my face dry then applied the serum. It dried quickly and always left my skin soft and hydrated. 

I did this serum daily usually when I wake up in the morning. Originally my skin is dry in my T-zone and oily everywhere else. I have red splotches on my cheeks most days, skin tone is off all over and definitely a bad texture to my skin. (Don't mind my pregnancy acne) 

As the days went by I noticed a huge difference. My skin is softer, skin tone is almost completely even and I am using less facial moisturizer for my T-zone. I have tried toners and other products in the past, but none that have done this well.

It didn't leave a residue or smell which we all know is great! It also lasts a decent amount of time. I only used 5-6 drops each time. I have used it for a month now and will probably continue to use it. 

Definitely, start this a month or more before your wedding and you will see a great difference in your face. 

Day 1 Picture                                                            Day 30 Picture                                 

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