Artisans Opportunity!

By: Lindsay Recknell

Artisans Oppurtunity!

A collaboration with Wedding-Recycle and Allthingsweddingutah, our Artisan’s are a fabulous group of creative people who use their talent to create unique, often customizable, handmade products for your wedding, special event or even just your home! By purchasing from one of our Artisan’s, you’re supporting people and their families while also receiving gorgeous and one-of-a-kind items.  Find your perfect centerpiece, unique gifts for your guests (Canadian maple syrup anyone?), or accent for your head table (hello…have you seen these floral letters from Begonia Rose Co?)

Are you an Artisan?  Why haven’t you joined our community yet?! Unlike other online marketplaces where you’re potentially one of many in your product category and you are likely paying high fees to sell your products, selling with Wedding Recycle easy. There is a commission rate of only 5%.

So start to build your sales and your Store with us!  Sign up is easy – just click HERE to learn more.

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