Are you buying or renting your Wedding Dress?

When I help a bride I usually ask one question. "Are you buying or renting?"

A lot of the time I get "buying". But on rare occasions, I get a bride in that wants to rent. I talk to them about renting and they say. "It's worn for one day and then it sits in the closet collecting dust or using space. The pictures last longer than the dress."

Buying a dress is great when you've saved up most of your life to afford one. I find gorgeous dresses for a small amount that everyone looks past, I bring them home clean them up and they look amazing. After I explained how I rent, the brides are more willing.

I get the question all the time. "What made you start your shop?"

I was raised to spend wisely. I'm not out for profit, I created the shop to help brides in need of wedding gowns that can't afford to pay for the expensive ones. I want to help not hinder. I helped a bride last year that only had $50 to spend on a dress. She was 6ft 4in. And was a size 12. She couldn't find any dresses for her height that where near her budget. I got in touch with her and she came over late at night because it was the only time she could. She tried on three dresses and kept going back to the first. The dress was renting for $200 but I saw how much she loved it and said that $50 would do. She glowed on her wedding day and received compliments like crazy.

A dress doesn't have to cost a lot to be perfect.

So my advice to all is don't set your sight higher then you can reach. Find places that are around that are cheap and have really good reviews. Good luck to you and Congratulations.

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