10 Gifts for the Groom

By: Misty Eilar

During wedding planning, we tend to focus on the bride. Well, let's focus on the groom this time. I love giving gifts to people I love. For my wedding (6 years ago) I got my husband a wedding gift. It was a pair of converse shoes customized just for him. Funny thing is he did the same for me. You can tell we know what we each like. Our shoes were the complete opposite, but we loved them! I am always finding fun gifts for him for our anniversary.  I think men don't get as many personalized or thoughtful gifts. I am here to help you. Here are 10 fun, sentimental and crazy gifts for your groom.

1. Personalized Engraved Hammer 

2. Steampunk Cufflinks

3. Personalized Cigar Box

4. Boba Fett Beer Mug

5. Personalized Wallet Card

6. The Groom's Instruction Manual

7. Lego Wedding Set

8. Funny Shirt


9. Beard Comb

10. Just Married Mad Libs

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