#1 Tips From Newlyweds To Brides

All Things Wedding Utah asked Newlyweds what their #1 tip for brides on planning a wedding. Here's what they said:


Simple is better!!! Enjoy your day!! 🙌🏼 -Jessica


Don't stress out then you will forget everything you have to do and on your wedding day enjoy it. Also get a good photographer - Brenda


Hire a day of coordinator. Best thing you can do. That way you will have less stress and you can enjoy the actual day -Monica


Elope! seriously just make it simple no one will ever care what color your favors were or if you had lots of decor, they only want to see you...being happy -Mandy


PRIORITIZE! Sit down with your groom and decide what things are most important to you 1, 2, 3, etc. Then you know where to allot your budget and you won't be disappointed at the end. -Chandler


Find a venue that does everything. Cake, flowers, food. Planning my wedding was so easy! I got married at heritage gardens. The place is so pretty you don't really have to decorate. Simple is better, don't get stuck on little details! -Kayla


Get everything paid for as far in advance as you can. It saves a lot of stress when you start getting close to your wedding so you don't have to worry about the dj or florists not being paid. -Juliea


Use the app wedding wire to keep track of your budget! Seriously saved me so much time! Also.. now that I've had the whole wedding thing, I really wish I'd just have had like a destination elopement and then a reception! Would have saved so much time and stress and money! And I would probably actually remember more about the day! Hah -Tina


Also!! With photography.. don't go too cheap, but there are great photographers for middle priced, UNLESS that's your number one thing, then hire your favorite photographer and make your wedding more simple. Pictures are going to be what will last! Also do videography! You will watch that video so many times! Those are the things you will be able to cherish forever! (:-Jessica--kljlkj--Jessica


Get everything planned asap! It sneaks up on u. Better to have it plan and work out kinks later -Ariel


Elope! Haha. Jk. But seriously... So much time and money for one day it's crazy! Just don't go overboard cause half your people won't even show up -Kira


Find a venue you don't have to put much effort into! I got married at the salt lake Hardware building, and it made it so I really didn't need to decorate much. -Taylor M


Start doing planning/making decorations early -Taylor H


Hire a PROFESSIONAL wedding planner!!! -Bellinda


Two things I would have done differently would be to have a videographer at least for the ceremony and I would have done my bridals with my groom. I have all these bridal photos that I will never use and have so few photos of us alone on our wedding day. -KayLene


Keep it simple. Plan in advance. Pick a venue that you really like. I didn't have a coordinator. I asked for tons of help from family & used their talents, it made tons cheaper. I made all of the flowers & centerpieces. My mom did the cake. My cousin & dad were the photographer's. Ask friends & family what they can help with. We didn't do food, just cake, drinks & basically trail mix. Shop around for venues. Some places are cheaper on Saturdays if you go with morning hours. We had our wedding at 10ish, we were done by 2 and I can honestly say, I loved having a short ceremony & reception. It seemed a lot less stressful. -Christina


Make sure you decide what YOU want. And don't let anyone tell you differently. Some close people to you will try to plan your wedding for you but don't understand exactly what you want and what you think is important. -Mckenna


Don't try to please everyone else! Go for what you and your soon to be hubby want! I had a lot of people that wanted me to do things their way instead of mine and because I tried to please everyone I was super stressed and some things didn't go like I wanted. -Mckayla


Hire a wedding planner AND for everything else delegate responsibility!! DO NOT do everything yourself (even in the planning process) if you do, everyone will be asking you what to do with everything the day of the wedding. -Carla


Prioritize and let other people take care of things. Get a massage and relax. Make what you want very clear and don't worry if it doesn't go the way you planned. My wedding was better than I ever thought it would be. Just don't let anyone ruin your special day. -Kayla


Thank you everyone for all of the great tips!

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