Destination Weddings and Honeymoons on Madeira Island, Portugal.

Europe isn’t the first destination, which couples think of when planning an unforgettable elopement, destination wedding or a honeymoon. Please, however, take a second and check #madeira out on Instagram and you will be amazed. Can a European island really look that beautiful and exotic? Yes it can, and it can be a perfect European destination for your destination wedding or a honeymoon.

Destination weddings in Madeira


Luckily, there are many good international wedding planners on the island, who can organize your ceremony, dinner and party on your behalf. You will have a lot of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a modern 5-star wedding with a beautiful view, an elegant wedding in an exotic garden or a simple and affordable boho style wedding. There are many beautiful venues to choose from. If you are a mountain lover, hotel Eira do Serrado might be something for you. It has a nice deck with a beautiful view of the mountains and the famous Nun’s Valley. If you are looking for something truly spectacular, such as exchanging vows in a remote location, the wedding planner can help you organizing a symbolic ceremony.

Honeymoons in Madeira


You can literally have a honeymoon on Madeira. One of Madeira’s most famous sweets is a delicious honey cake. Honey is also one of the ingredients of the famous traditional Poncha drink.


Madeira Island is a great honeymoon destination for those who enjoy active holidays and hiking as well as those who prefer simply staying at luxurious spa’s and hotels with great views. And if your dream honeymoon is a mix of both of these travelling styles, Madeira will be perfect choice.


During the day you can see what the island has to offer: Beautiful mountains, multiple observation points, exotic gardens, lava pools, laurel forests, dolphin watching tours and a great network of stunning hiking routes are just some of the things. Madeira is famous for its levadas – small aqueducts – which now also serve as magnificent hiking trails. If you take a ferry to the second island of the Madeira Archipelago – Porto Santo – you will be able to enjoy a stunning white sand beach and clear waters. When you are in a lazy mood, on the other hand, you can enjoy the amenities at one of the great hotels and spas.


One of my favorite hotels is a luxurious and modern Savoy Saccharum Resort and Spa in Calheta. The lounge beds or bars on the top deck of the hotel of the are perfect for observing the sunset with your new husband of wife.



Another advantage of Madeira as a honeymoon destination is the possibility to shoot some beautiful wedding pictures there. The spectacular and diverse scenery of Madeira will be a perfect setting. There are many professional wedding photographers on the island speaking English.


How to get to Madeira Island?


There is only one airport on the Island: Cristiano Ronaldo Airport in Funchal – FCL. Porto Santo also has an airport, but it has a much smaller capacity.

There are many direct flights from different European and Portuguese cities. A great idea would also be a one or two days long layover in Porto or Lisbon before catching the connecting plane to Madeira. Other way to get to Madeira is with a cruise ship.

Would you like to know more about eloping and getting married in Madeira?

Checking my blog will probably be the best first step. See you on my blog!


Say Yes to Madeira

Say Yes to Madeira

Holidays & Weddings in Madeira


Edyta from Say Yes To Madeira blog 


Edyta married the man of her dreams in Madeira Island in 2017 and shortly after she started a blog promoting holidays, honeymoons and destination weddings in Madeira Island. She would like to put Madeira on the weddings map and help others fulfil their dream of a spectacular destination wedding. Whether you are looking for elopement and destination wedding inspirations, practical tips on organizing a wedding in Madeira, or simply travel tips, hotel reviews, interviews and interesting facts about Madeira, you will find it all on her blog.


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As soon as the wedding planning is complete, you may be ready to start looking into honeymoon plans. Some couples prefer a shorter honeymoon while others want to be whisked away for a longer period of time. Whether you already know the length of your honeymoon or still planning it, it’s important to know how long the average honeymoon is.

In order to determine how long the average honeymoon is, there’s some information to take into consideration. Knowing where you’ll be venturing to, how much you have set aside for a honeymoon budget, and if you are parents then you must take into consideration how long you’ll have a sitter for them.

For most newly married couples the average honeymoon lasts anywhere from 4 days up to 15 days. If you’re planning to go further away to a destination like Hawaii or Caribbean island, you may opt to extend your honeymoon out to 15 days simply to allow enough time to relax, indulge your sense and enjoy some alone time after your wedding.

A shorter honeymoon, such as one that lasts around 4 days is usually planned when a newly married couple has children, pets or other obligations that will keep them from being gone longer than an extended weekend type of honeymoon. Your best bet to planning an average honeymoon length will be to start looking into honeymoon plans as soon as your wedding planning is done.

So, how long is the average honeymoon?

The simple answer is it’s up to the newly married couple. Every new marriage has its own obligations and financial restrictions to how long their honeymoon can be. Have a discussion with your partner to determine where you both would like to go, how much money you have budgeted for this expense and how long you can take from work as well as other obligations in your life.

Once you’ve established the ground rules for what you feel you can afford for a honeymoon as well as the length of time involved for the honeymoon, it’s time to start fine-tuning the itinerary for your honeymoon adventure. Your honeymoon will be one of the first expenses that you both work together in planning after marriage.

Being smart about how long to have your honeymoon and how much money to spend on it will allow you and your partner to enjoy some downtime after the excitement of joining hands in matrimony for the first time together. When thinking about how long the average honeymoon is, the real answer comes down to; it’s so different for every couple that there isn’t one answer fits all.  

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