Happy Anniversary Amy and Brandon! By, Amy Roper

Brandon and I  got married March 7, 2014. I loved my wedding, but it was so stressful to plan!! Sometimes I wonder if it would have been worth it to elope, then I remind myself how beautiful and fun it was and I realize I made the right choice. I recommend getting organized, have a solid plan, and ask for help from family and friends.



Our budget started at about $5,000 but by the end of the day I think we were closer to $7,000. Things added up quickly. We could have saved by asking our bridal party to pay for their own dresses and tuxes or having the wedding at a church and decorating ourself. However, we decided the way we did it was right for us.


The Ivy House is a hidden gem next to Trolley Square. The grand room had the romantic feel we were looking for so we didn't need much decor. In fact, we brought our own flowers and they provided the rest. We spent about $3,000 at the Ivy House. The staff was great! The outside of the building was perfect for pictures. The ceremony and reception was held in the same room, but the staff did everything. They set up chairs for the ceremony and after, set up the tables. It was gorgeous. It was such a huge stress relief knowing they would take care of so much!

(Check here for the Videography from the wedding!)


I wanted simple white and light blue hydrangeas and roses for my flowers. I found Costco and Sams Club had the best prices for flowers. I ordered about $300.00 worth of flowers to be delivered the night before the big day. My helpful and talented sisters and I stayed up late putting together bouquets and centerpieces. Not only did I get exactly what I wanted, we did it for a faction of the cost of a florist. It was stressful, but worth it!


After a several taste testing adventures at various bakeries, we found Granite Bakery. It was important to us to not only have a good looking cake, but a delicious cake. That is exactly what we found! We ordered the almond poppy seed cake for both layers. It was the best tasting wedding cake I have ever had!  I wanted just a hint of blue in the wedding so I ordered a light blue cake. If I could do it again I would have ordered an ivory colored cake. My wedding was elegant and the cake looked like it didn't fit in. It was my mistake! I ordered a plain light blue cake and I had plans to put hydrangeas on top. My father-in-law was kind enough to help decorate before the ceremony, but while doing so, he stuck his finger in the cake! So, there was a huge finger mark! We had to put hydrangeas on the other layers of the cake to cover it up. It still looked nice and Granite Bakery did a fantastic job. My husband and I got tons of compliments about the cake.


Hiring the photographer that we used is probably one of my biggest regrets. She was a relative of a friend. She got a few good shots but if I could do it again I would have shopped around and spent more of the budget on a good photographer. I remember a lot of people telling me  how important a good photographer is and I should have listen rather than tried to get a good deal. This is probably one of my biggest regrets of the whole wedding.

amy dress 22 My Dress

I rented my dress from Bridal Brilliance in Clearfield, UT. I had a great experience with them! They were very professional, helpful, and really took time to help me find the right dress. I spent $500.00 for my beautiful dress. The price included me picking up the dress for 3 days a month before the wedding to take bridal photos. I highly recommend these ladies!

Wedding Party

I had a hard time deciding what I wanted my bridal party to wear. I spent a lot of money on one idea only to change my mind and spend a ton more money on something I really wanted. I found the dresses I wanted at Nordstrom, but after doing some digging, my sister and I found all of the same dresses on and for a fraction of the price. They were the same brand and color. I found matching cardigans at Down East Outfitters. The guys tuxedos I rented from Tuxedo Junction. I found them to be a little over priced but after shopping around, they were the only place I found what I was looking for. Thinking back, I wish I hadn't spent so much of my budget on my wedding parties clothes, but they all looked super nice and I got exactly what I wanted.


The most poplar thing we served was Italian Sodas. They were a huge hit! We only ordered appetizers and the italian sodas. We had over 300 guests so, by the time I was able to sample the food, it was gone!! I kick myself for not trying the food we served. Make sure you take time to eat! (I can't remember the name of the catering company we used. They are friends of my husband and based out of Mapleton. It's killing me not knowing the name. I will try to find out soon and edit. I highly recommend them).
Planning my wedding was stressful, a learning experience, frustrating, and fun. I loved my wedding. It was definitely worth the headache! Good luck!

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