#1 Tips From Newlyweds To Brides

All Things Wedding Utah asked Newlyweds what their #1 tip for brides on planning a wedding. Here's what they said:


Simple is better!!! Enjoy your day!! 🙌🏼 -Jessica


Don't stress out then you will forget everything you have to do and on your wedding day enjoy it. Also get a good photographer - Brenda


Hire a day of coordinator. Best thing you can do. That way you will have less stress and you can enjoy the actual day -Monica


Elope! seriously just make it simple no one will ever care what color your favors were or if you had lots of decor, they only want to see you...being happy -Mandy


PRIORITIZE! Sit down with your groom and decide what things are most important to you 1, 2, 3, etc. Then you know where to allot your budget and you won't be disappointed at the end. -Chandler


Find a venue that does everything. Cake, flowers, food. Planning my wedding was so easy! I got married at heritage gardens. The place is so pretty you don't really have to decorate. Simple is better, don't get stuck on little details! -Kayla


Get everything paid for as far in advance as you can. It saves a lot of stress when you start getting close to your wedding so you don't have to worry about the dj or florists not being paid. -Juliea


Use the app wedding wire to keep track of your budget! Seriously saved me so much time! Also.. now that I've had the whole wedding thing, I really wish I'd just have had like a destination elopement and then a reception! Would have saved so much time and stress and money! And I would probably actually remember more about the day! Hah -Tina


Also!! With photography.. don't go too cheap, but there are great photographers for middle priced, UNLESS that's your number one thing, then hire your favorite photographer and make your wedding more simple. Pictures are going to be what will last! Also do videography! You will watch that video so many times! Those are the things you will be able to cherish forever! (:-Jessica--kljlkj--Jessica


Get everything planned asap! It sneaks up on u. Better to have it plan and work out kinks later -Ariel


Elope! Haha. Jk. But seriously... So much time and money for one day it's crazy! Just don't go overboard cause half your people won't even show up -Kira


Find a venue you don't have to put much effort into! I got married at the salt lake Hardware building, and it made it so I really didn't need to decorate much. -Taylor M


Start doing planning/making decorations early -Taylor H


Hire a PROFESSIONAL wedding planner!!! -Bellinda


Two things I would have done differently would be to have a videographer at least for the ceremony and I would have done my bridals with my groom. I have all these bridal photos that I will never use and have so few photos of us alone on our wedding day. -KayLene


Keep it simple. Plan in advance. Pick a venue that you really like. I didn't have a coordinator. I asked for tons of help from family & used their talents, it made tons cheaper. I made all of the flowers & centerpieces. My mom did the cake. My cousin & dad were the photographer's. Ask friends & family what they can help with. We didn't do food, just cake, drinks & basically trail mix. Shop around for venues. Some places are cheaper on Saturdays if you go with morning hours. We had our wedding at 10ish, we were done by 2 and I can honestly say, I loved having a short ceremony & reception. It seemed a lot less stressful. -Christina


Make sure you decide what YOU want. And don't let anyone tell you differently. Some close people to you will try to plan your wedding for you but don't understand exactly what you want and what you think is important. -Mckenna


Don't try to please everyone else! Go for what you and your soon to be hubby want! I had a lot of people that wanted me to do things their way instead of mine and because I tried to please everyone I was super stressed and some things didn't go like I wanted. -Mckayla


Hire a wedding planner AND for everything else delegate responsibility!! DO NOT do everything yourself (even in the planning process) if you do, everyone will be asking you what to do with everything the day of the wedding. -Carla


Prioritize and let other people take care of things. Get a massage and relax. Make what you want very clear and don't worry if it doesn't go the way you planned. My wedding was better than I ever thought it would be. Just don't let anyone ruin your special day. -Kayla


Thank you everyone for all of the great tips!




#1 Tips For Planning A Budget Friendly Wedding

All Things Wedding Utah asked: What is your #1 tip for planning a budget friendly wedding?

I would say find a venue that doesn't have conditions on food. That way they don't specify where you have to get food from and preferably they don't require that it be professionally catered.

Find a venue that has cheaper rates for morning events. Ask family & friends what their talents are & see if you can use them to your advantage. For instance, my Momma made our wedding cake and my Dad & Cousin did all of our photos (Engagements & Wedding). I would also recommend making your own flowers & centerpieces. Shop around for bridesmaid dresses, I bought all of mine on Amazon, the cost for 3 dresses was under $100. Do the same with your wedding gown, places like David's Bridal have huge sales quite often. I was able to get a $400 gown for $100. And last but not least, plan early! I hope you can use some if this info

Get crafty! Make your own things- it's much cheaper to buy fabric than it is to buy the ring pillow or table cloths. I hand made just about everything for my wedding. Exceptions were my mom did simple snack wraps for food, along with a fruit bowl and small waters, and I ordered my two tier cake from sam's club for just $35. It was amazing and tasted delicious! I also went online and ordered my dress. I spent less than $300 for my entire wedding including my dress and it looked like it would have cost a couple thousand. -Corinne

Plan early, don't do the reception on a Friday or Saturday if possible, rates go way up. Just by doing it on a Wednesday we saved $500. Being crafty also saves alot of money. I did my own flower arrangements and for 16 different arrangements it cost me around $150 for everything. Also doing your own food, mostly finger foods ( you don't a need to serve a dinner lol) helps... For 100 plus people I spent 250 on food and just made it all myself the day before haha -Tabitha

I'd say temple wedding and reception at church! -Mariah

All of the above are great ideas, but I would not leave the pictures to someone who is not a professional. The pictures are the only thing you get to keep after the wedding, and they can be preserved for generations to come, so make sure they're done right. -Beth

Photography should be the last place you cut corners. -Judy

Get married on a weekday and have your reception during the evening so people can attend after work.. Saved us thousands because venues/DJ/etc charge less. -Caitlyn

#1 Tip - know where you can and can't compromise. A DJ is often over looked because very few see the benefit before the event. For instance, I've had a number of photographers and videographers complain to me that it's hard to get AMAZING footage when there is no DJ, and even though music is playing, they still have a hard time capturing the best moments. Anyone can plug in a device to play music, but a device will never read a crowd, make adjustments on the fly or help your guests get on the dance floor. PS, I don't change my pricing depending on the day. Only venues do that to my knowledge. While you are looking for ways to save money, your DJ/entertainment shouldn't be overlooked. Your pictures and video memories will thank me later.
You don't get what you don't pay for. -Trevor

Used dress, silk flowers, do your own hair and makeup, don't go crazy on photographers. There are some DANG good ones in Utah for less than $1500. No one needs to spend thousands on any part of their wedding. -Madison

I may not really apply to this, but in order to have what we wanted we had an 18 month engagement. I wasn't going to compromise on anything!! This day was the biggest and most memorable day for the both of us at the time. We made up a budget and stuck to it, but planning that far in advance helped the budget stay in place and get what we wanted. There are only 2 things I would change about my wedding day and that would be - spend less on the flowers and hire a videographer. I had a beautiful 5 layer cake and 3 of the layers were fake, but decorated. We made our table squares and spent exactly what I knew was worth on my photographer. I also made the most important investment on hiring a Wedding Planner. Ladies, I understand that planning a wedding is stressful and unfortunately most of you have to pay for your wedding yourself, but don't leave that day to chance. You will never get it back!!! -Bellinda

Connections to people who can do things for a wedding gift or for the price of what it takes to make it. -Autumn

But don't burn bridges and friendships over it!! Seen this done too many times. -Sharida

Silk flowers are NOT necessarily less expensive -Jessica

I spent a lot of time in Goodwill and the DI! Those were definitely some of my best scores for decorating. I also got some great recommendations for a super affordable photographer and caterer. The caterer was huge because that adds up so fast! -Meagan

Find out your "must haves" and really compromise on the rest. DIY everything you can. Avoid an open bar. Keep the ceremony and dinner as intimate and small as possible! -Kailey

Buy a used wedding dress...many of them are already altered/personalized and therefore will be more unique than what's in stores. If you don't love it, you can use some of the money you saved to alter it into something you DO love. Remember that your wedding day will FLY by (because it's so busy and happy) to the point that very little of the stuff people usually blow money on will affect how fondly you look back on your special day. Get good pictures (by that I mean look carefully at their past work, not the price tag), don't rush the wedding planning, compare prices, and don't make the whole thing too complicated. -Emilie

Get crafty and start early! Don't wait until the last minute or you'll be forced to buy more expensive things because you're rushed and desperate. Shop around, look for used things, check different places for cheaper prices on what you want. I got a lot of stuff on Amazon and a lot of it was half the store price, some was more, you just need to spend the time figuring it out. -Tiara

Buy a used dress or rent a wedding dress. You'll save hundreds on that alone. -Holly

Great ideas! Get help, even a church reception needs an army to decorate, plate food, serve and clean up. Make sure everyone knows what time you need them and to clear their schedules. If you have specific ideas on decor, center pieces, etc, communicate that to who ever is helping you. Plan ahead, schedule building ( nothing like decorating for hours and have a bunch of men show up for an unscheduled volleyball game or a ward showing up for a dinner).
Enlist talented friends to assist you with details.
Keep food simple and inexpensive.
Share costs of videographer and photographer with grooms family. -Suzi

If your on a super tight budget the first place to cut back and save is your guest list. Don't invite anybody and everybody because you will spend more in table linens, centerpieces, food and decor than what their gift will bring you. 
If you can enlist the help without burning bridges, food is the next largest consumption of budget. Find a venue or location that lets you DIY but keep in mind that means a day or two of prepping plus the full wedding day and those helping with food will miss out on your big day. So mom, sisters, close family isn't a good idea. Neighbors, extended family is a better way to go. 
If you really want the big wedding with all the details then have a longer engagements, save and pay things slowly. Then you and those most important can enjoy! -Sharida

The best advice I received while I was planning my wedding is - Invite those only who has been constant in your life in the last year. A year is a long time, and it made sense. -Bellinda

We ordered a lot of things on eBay and in bulk from Amazon. Also check out great deals at places like Hobby Lobby. You can even dollar store some items like "fancy" serving trays. And share! We all know people who have done weddings recently-see what you can borrow/salvage from their decor. 
I have a big family so instead of matching suits they had matching shirts and ties. Some had vests. They were all in the colors but not identical, which was fine with me. We also didn't do everything in one night (Bridals done early, wedding date, later reception in hometown) so we opted to purchase essentials-tux for hubs and dads, etc.-on eBay which saved us a lot in rental fees. -Madeline

Be prepared financially. Save up for this ahead of time this day will come. Or plan a longer engagement so you can give yourself the time to pay for what you need. All to often Brides try to do everything on nothing because of the rush that they are in. Or not wanting to spend $ When asking professionals to do a service for you Please be informed on prices so you know what to expect and save for it. Instead of trying to get Their services for as little as possible. It's really hard for those vendors to make a living when being nickeled and dimed. I know every little bit adds up and everyone is on a budget Just be prepared to pay vendors what they are worth for all of the hours they will put in to make sure your day is perfect. Respect what they do and plan your date around your budget. So many just pick a date and rush and try to find anything before its time. Take time to figure out what you need then figure out the date based upon when your financially ready to spend on what your looking for. It's the responsible thing to do. -Jennifer

When you're buying things don't tell people that you're getting them for your wedding- prices automatically jump up. Like our simple cake. $20 for a round birthday cake $60 for the same cake for a wedding. -Samantha

Honestly the thing for me that has helped me the most in budgeting is to keep the day in perspective. The day is for us to celebrate getting to be together forever. It's not about $1000 cakes, perfect flowers, and fireworks. It's been easier to decide what's worth spending on and what isn't by deciding if I won't care about it a month or year after, I don't need it. Photography is important and a fun reception is important. Everything else doesn't really matter as much. Weddings are so consumer-driven that I think I forgot the point and instead was trying to show everyone how perfect it was going to be. Glad that changed quick. People don't necessarily remember a pretty wedding, they do remember the love in the couples' eyes. -Liberty

DIY we did a lot of things ourselves. Almost all of our decorations were hand made. It's a lot of fun too, I got to bond with my in laws a lot too. Also find your dress on sale, Davids Bridal will be having their annual sale here soon and that's a good time to go look. They have really good deals too, my dress was a $1,200 dress and I got it for $500. As for venue find somewhere that does tables and chairs of possible, that will help a lot in cost. Also look on Amazon for little things like your ring bearer pillow and knife set. -Lexi


Thank you for all the great tips!

What do you do after finding the perfect wedding dress?

You found the perfect wedding dress, now what? Check out OBMBridal’s tips for deciding on a veil and/or a fascinator.


Fall and Winter brides have many fun style options.  The team at OBMBridal has worked with gorgeous brides sporting everything from cocktail dresses to jumpsuits to traditional ball gown wedding dresses. One thing that stays constant is no matter the outfit, accessories are one special way every bride can express her style and showcase her unique personality. Accessories, and the way they’re worn, are as distinct as each and every bride - they can add color, sparkle, and/or texture.


We’re excited to have this opportunity to provide pointers for brides looking for a wedding veil and/or a fascinator. Here are our top tips for selecting exceptional accessories to complement your wedding dress:


  1. Small embellishments have a big impact. In general, an elaborate veil works well with a simple dress and a simple veil flatters a very detailed embellished dress. For the bride who prefers a classic look, try a veil with lace trimming. For a contemporary look, try a veil with rhinestones or other whimsical embellishments.
  2. Who says you have to pick just one? Indulge! It’s your big day, so feel free to pick more than one accessory. You can use the time between the ceremony and reception to switch from a wedding veil to a fascinator to refresh your look.  The fun thing about a fascinator is that you can look fabulous for the entire event – since you can wear it throughout the entire wedding, unlike your veil.
  3. Try on your overall look before the wedding. OBMBridal recommends selecting your accessories three months before the wedding. Take your accessories to your gown fittings to make sure your veil/fascinator, shoes, wedding sash, and jewelry come together in one cohesive style.  
  4. Your hair style should complement your veil or fascinator, so take your veil or fascinator to your hair trial in order to finalize your wedding day look. Veils can be positioned higher or lower depending on how much drama and volume you prefer. Fascinators are versatile in that they can be worn on the side of your head, toward the front or any angle you determine looks best and feels most comfortable.


Once you’ve chosen your veil and/or fascinator, the next step is caring for your accessory so that it will last beyond your big day. OBMBridal recommends hanging your veil up (away from direct sunlight) once you receive it, so that wrinkles naturally loosen. Before wearing, gently steam if there are remaining wrinkles. Do not use an iron – since it can damage or discolor the veil. Caring for a fascinator is the similar, except instead of being hung on a hanger, it should be stored away from sunlight and placed somewhere safe – such as on top of a dresser or in a box – (make sure the lid doesn’t crush the fascinator when closed).  



Lori Wilson

Co-Founder, OBMBridal 


Photographer: SNALLANPHOTO

Top 5 Things to Bring to Your Floral Consultation

By, Emily Johanson of Wedding Flowers by Emily



I have met with hundreds of brides since I started my business, Wedding Flowers by Emily, over 3 years ago. The floral consultation can be a bit stressful for some brides.  Many brides are unsure about what types of flowers they want, their budget, style etc.

Here are my TOP 5 THINGS TO BRING that will make your floral consultation a stress free success.

1. A Complete List of All the Items You Need (how many BM, GM, arrangements etc.) 

Nobody expects the bride to have all the details hashed out before the floral consultation.   A good florist will know how to help make those difficult decisions about specific flowers, what varieties will work well, and how to make your dream wedding become a reality even on a budget. 

What they'll need from you is the nuts and bolts.  What, when, how big, and how many are all questions you should come to your consultation prepared to answer.  That way, you and your florist can use your time to work out the details instead of deciding whether Uncle Fred really needs a bout or not. 

Finally, don't expect your florist to be able to give an accurate price quote without all of the pertinent information.  Bringing a shopping list of all the floral items you need to your consultation will save you and your florist a huge headache. 

2. Your Budget

Having a budget ready at the beginning of your consultation will help your florist make important decisions about what type of flowers you can afford to put into your arrangements.  A good florist will know how to match your budget to the style of wedding you want even if the budget is tight. 

3. Wedding Colors and Style (rustic, boho, formal, etc.)

The mark of a good florist is how well they are able to suggest the right flowers to match your personal style and preference.  Having an idea of your colors and style of wedding you want is like a map for your florist and will help them understand your preference. 

4. Photos of Bouquets You Like

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Bringing photos (or emailing them to your florist beforehand) to the consultation can help you clarify your style and can give the florist a strong idea of what you're looking for.  It can also help them make suggestions for alternate flowers if the ones in the photos don't fit into your budget. 

5. Any Additional Items You Want to Incorporate into the Flowers (special ribbon, brooch, lace from your dress, vases, etc.)

Want to include a piece of lace from your dress?  Maybe you have a special brooch or you have already picked out some vases.  These items can add meaning and focus to your floral arrangements.  Just be sure to bring them with you to your consultation.  They can really inspire your florist to create the "look" you are going for.  It also will help them give you a more accurate price quote. 



All in all, the more clearly you can explain to your florist the what, when, how many, and how big, the better.  Don't worry if you are not sure about how you want things to look or what flowers you want. If you have my TOP 5 THINGS TO BRING, your florist can help you with everything else!

Travel Advice: The Secret to Avoiding a Nightmare Honeymoon

You've just had your dream wedding come true. You're on a complete blissful high from the perfection that was your wedding day. The last thing you want to have happen is for your bubble of bliss to be burst by a nightmare of a Honeymoon. It’s a well-known fact that honeymoons can quickly turn from dream vacations to nightmare realities in the blink of an eye.  Brides and Grooms get violently sick at sea because they weren’t prepared properly for Sea Sickness and thought that could never happen to them; luggage gets lost in the abyss of terminals somewhere in the Bahamas; tickets to “Wicked” are left on the groom’s dresser at home; and last, but not least, a hotel room advertised as beachfront actually overlooks the parking lot. Tip: Think about what to wear on the plane too! These are real-life crises that can be avoided when a travel agent is in your corner.  Today I am here to share the top 4 reasons to use a travel agent while planning your honeymoon.



1.Time management.  When you’re planning for a wedding, time is of the essence.  Everyone involved has deadlines for when they need head counts, napkin and tablecloth colors, floral choices, meat selections for the reception, fondant or buttercream frosting for the cake, and of course, the cold cash that pays for everything.  So why not save your time and energy for enjoying the vacation after your wedding by using a travel agent for your honeymoon planning?  If you opt to have a wedding planner for the wedding and reception, your travel agent can work closely with them to make sure that all the post-wedding moving pieces are coordinated while you head to the spa for a day of relaxing and pre-wedding day pampering. 

2.Stress is virtually eliminated.  In a day and age when we can search for vacations on lots of different websites at 3 a.m. in our pajamas, it’s really important to remember that those websites are run by corporations who don’t care if something goes wrong.  They make their money on the number of people who book on their website and click on ads.  They are very mechanically driven and it is nearly impossible to contact someone if something goes wrong.  With a travel agent in your corner, they are your concierge.  They worry about and handle EVERYTHING for you.  If something goes wrong, you have someone to handle the situation for you and insure you and your sweetheart are taken care of. 


3.Vacation bucket lists are a reality. Travel agents who are successful and loved by their clients are those who make vacation bucket lists happen. They have thorough conversations with their clients and find out exactly what they want to accomplish on their trip and make it happen.  Maybe you want to experience a secluded sunset dinner on the beach in Maui, but are vegan? Your travel agent will be able to find the best option for your dietary needs and budget, and it will be an experience like nothing you’ve dreamed of before.  Travel agents make it their full-time job to know about the very best of everything so that you can enjoy crossing off those vacation bucket list items without the hassle. 


4.Personalized Service.  Travel agents are 100% committed to each and every one of their clients.  Once you’re on their radar, they are always looking for the latest and greatest adventures for you to book next.  They take note of your travel preferences and make sure they are met on every single trip you take.  They also keep their eyes open for sales and discounts on trips and destinations that they know you would love to experience or have mentioned in conversation. A skilled travel agent will take care of every last detail of your honeymoon so that literally all you have to do is pack your bags; and they can even provide time saving tips for packing as well. But we’ll leave that to another day!


Your honeymoon should be a relaxing and memorable occasion for you and your sweetheart, not a nightmare that seems to never end.  A travel agent can make that happen for you and probably achieve way more than you ever thought was possible. #BucketListChic is a way of life for travel agents and I hope that you will consider this option as you plan your wedding and honeymoon.  Cheers to your new life and adventures with your love!



Natalee - The Travel Concierge

Wedding Dress Alterations And Fittings Advice

Getting married is the experience of a lifetime (our founder’s daughter is also planning a wedding!), so we understand how nerve-racking it can get. From the venue, the food, the flowers, the music, the dress (!!)…you want everything to be perfect. And why shouldn’t you? You deserve it!

If you were looking for a partner in your wedding dress journey, feel free to consider Alter Creations in Park City. (Fun fact: right as we were about to write this post, a bride’s mom came by and hired us to create her daughter’s wedding dress from scratch!)

Regardless of whether you decide to work with us for your bridal alterations needs, we’ve compiled some helpful tips to help you attain a hurdle-free experience with your tailor. You can find even MORE at

If possible, start with a dress (or outfit) that is your size—or very, very close to it.

While it may be possible to size a dress up or down, don’t count on being able to take in or let out a dress by a lot more. Many dresses do not contain enough seam allowance to let out that much–and with fabrics like velvet and satin, the original seam lines will show.

When choosing a tailor, go with a reputable one, NOT the one that quotes you the lowest rate.

You get what you pay for. Believe us, it isn’t worth having something done cheaply if you subsequently have to pay someone else to fix the cheap-o job. In fact, we’ve OFTEN had to fix other shops’ mishaps at the last minute, so choose the best from the get-go.

Many alteration shops will not give estimates for wedding dresses or other formal gowns over the phone.

We need to see the actual dress and how it currently fits your body to determine EXACTLY what needs to be done and give an accurate estimate. Describing the dress over the phone (or even emailing pictures!) is really not very helpful, especially since some brides tend to lie about how much work needs to be done on the dress in order to get a lower quote.


Image Provided to ATWU by Annie Paul of Alter Creations


If you are a klutz and will be wearing a long dress, consider having it hemmed to hang 1″ from the floor rather than touching the ground.

Heavy dress + high heels + possible anxiety = heightened possibility of tripping over one’s hem. We’ll be more than happy to accommodate all your dancing- and movement-related requests!

If you know of any upcoming changes to your physical dimensions, tell us ASAP.

Once the fabric is cut, the dress generally can’t be made drastically bigger without adding panels or gussets. Similarly, if your E cups are about to become C cups, it’s best to wait and have the top fitted after surgery.

Don’t schedule a fitting right after a workout.

Having a wedding dress cleaned isn’t cheap, so you don’t want to have sweat stains removed BEFORE you actually wear it. Also, fitting someone requires being in close physical proximity. So please try to not smell like a locker room and go easy on the cigarettes, perfume, and smelly food.


Image Provided to ATWU by Annie Paul of Alter Creations


Buy your foundation garments and shoes (!) BEFORE your first fitting, and bring them to ALL of your fittings.

Your foundation garments WILL affect the way the dress hangs on your figure. Every so often, we’d have a bride go through one or two fittings with a certain bra or corset, then bring a different one and wonder why the dress looked so different. Depending upon the design and cut of the dress, wearing the wrong bra can even affect whether the hem hangs evenly. And if you don’t have the exact shoes, find some of similar height and bring them always!

If we recommend against making a particular change, there’s probably a good reason why.

While it is fine to ask why we’re recommending against something, please keep in mind we are intimately familiar with garment construction, and may know of a better way to make something look the way you want it to look.

Sometimes we may suggest that you’re better off not doing X or paying for Y. We’re passionate about what we do, so we won’t just take anyone’s money: We strive to accomplish 110% satisfaction so we’re 110% honest and don’t mind showing you various alternatives (even in cases when they don’t involve us!) when the original isn’t something we’d suggest.


Image Provided to ATWU by Annie Paul of Alter Creations


Your final dress fitting should be held approximately two weeks prior to the wedding, if possible.

Any closer to the big day and there might not be enough time to fix any problems—any further from the big day and there’s a chance the dress might not fit. Many brides lose weight from stress, or get swamped with last-minute things and simply forget to eat. (Most lose several pounds during the 4-6 weeks before the wedding, regardless of whether they were trying to do so.)

Those aren’t ALL the wedding dress fitting tips we have for all you lovely brides out there! If you want even more tips and tricks, click here to check out our post with other tips we’ve compiled from experience, other brides, and even other pros. Call us at (435) 658-4432 or email us at Martha [at] altercreations [dot] net if you’d like to meet us and see why we’re the best to work on your wedding dress and bridal party projects. Have a great rest of your week and we look forward to seeing you!

You can find more info on Alter Creations here and here